Here are some website links I find very helpful:

Audio files for the Spanish 1 textbook can be found by typing in the Ejercicio # at this website: is the best “dictionary” online because it gives you the most commonly used translation and examples, as well as all the nuanced definitions and examples. I highly recommend bookmarking this as you will want to use this instead of a standard dictionary or Google Translate (which often gets things wrong).

Duolingo is great for vocabulary practice (but not grammar) You can access it online or through the app. I prefer the app because then I have my Spanish keyboard accessible and don’t keep getting the “by the way, this letter was supposed to have an accent” reminder.

Another one I don’t mind for just familiarizing yourself with vocab is You can change the level so you’re getting words that you recognize that aren’t just cognates (I would recommend levels 3-4), but you can also leave it set it to all levels and it will learn your skill level and keep you at a level where you’re comfortable. It’s fine if you’re just trying to recognize words again and get familiar, but no guarantee that the words are all practical.

Verbs are difficult and the only way to master them is through memorization! Flashcards are helpful… To practice those you’ve learned but perhaps forgotten, Conjuguemos is a great resource.

And if you’re a visual/audio learner, there is a YouTube channel called “Señor Jordan” and he does a great job of explaining concepts. It’s also good for perfecting your accent!

And, here’s another fun link to visit for more understanding of conjugations (and Spanish in general).

Please also know that if you have questions, you’re welcome to pop in and ask. I’m glad to explain. ☺

Want to read the Bible in Spanish?! Here you go!