Spanish 1 & 2 Class Overview & Expectations

The Spanish we’ll be learning will emphasize everyday language usage, from a Christian perspective. We’ll enjoy the fun of Kahoot challenges and Quizzlet games, too, and we’ll mix it up with music and movies in Spanish.

Textbook (Libro de Texto):  We’ll cover approximately 5-6 units this year. Keep your textbook clean and covered. Do not fold corners but feel free to mark pages with post-its as you wish.

Binder (Carpeta)Your binder should have the following 4 tabs, at a minimum, with the most recent work on top. This organization is designed to help you find materials quickly and study efficiently. 1. Classwork (verb & grammar practice); 2. Vocabulary Work (practice quizzes, crossword puzzles, flashcards, etc.); 3. Study Guides (for Quizzes and Tests); 4. Culture (Holiday handouts, “Mi Vida Loca”).

Flashcards (Tarjetas):  Use 3×5 index cards to help you memorize new vocabulary and verbs. On one side write in Spanish and on the other side, write the meaning in English.  I suggest using one color for nouns, and another color for verbs. Study these a minimum of 2 times each day, whenever you have a few free minutes, such as when riding in the car, before you fall asleep at night, or every morning with breakfast! You’ll find vocabulary lists in your textbooks. You can add other words you find useful, such as those on our classroom walls.

Bell Work (Para Empezar): As soon as you sit down, get started! Try to complete the work by the end of the first 5 minutes of class.

Homework (Tarea): Due every morning. We’ll go over homework as a class and you will correct your own with a red pen. Feel free to ask questions at that time! I’ll check that you complete your homework as I walk through the classroom. Any homework not completed will be noted.

Quizzes (Pruebas): We will have approximately 3-4 quizzes per quarter.

Tests (Examenes):  We’ll have approximately 2 tests per quarter. There will be a mid-term exam and a final project instead of a final exam.

Scripture Memorization (Escritura): Each student will memorize one scripture verse (their choice, on Google Classroom) per quarter. Students will stand and recite what they have learned.

Cultural Projects: (Projectos Culturales): Each student will do a simple cultural project every quarter designed to experience Spanish outside the classroom.  Students will be given a sheet with detailed options which they will turn in with their assignment at the end of the quarter.


Scripture Memorization:                    5%

Cultural Projects:                                5%

Homework:                                        20%

Quizzes:                                              25%

Tests:                                                  45%