Class Overview & Expectations (Spanish 1 & 2)

Textbook:  We’ll cover 6-10 chapters each year. Keep your textbook clean and covered. Do not fold corners but feel free to mark pages with post-its as you wish.

Flashcards:  Please make your own cards in Spanish/English using one color for nouns, another color for verbs, and another for expressions you’ll learn. I encourage you to study these before you fall asleep each night and whenever you have a free moment. There is a list of vocabulary at the end of each Unit, and you can add other words you find useful (such as those on the classroom wall).

Homework:  Due every morning. We’ll go over homework as a class and you will correct your own with a red pen. Feel free to ask questions at that time! Do your homework in your Activity Book which I’ll collect at random intervals. You’ll receive points when I check for homework.

Quizzes: We will have approximately 2 quizzes per chapter, thus approximately 4-5 per quarter.

Tests:  We’ll have approximately 2-3 tests per quarter. (One test during the year will be an oral evaluation of your comprehension, pronunciation, and intonation.)

Scripture Memorization: Each student will memorize one scripture verse (their choice, on wall) per quarter. These are taken from your textbook, and I’ll post all 12 in Google Classroom.

Cultural Projects: Each student will do a simple cultural project every quarter designed to experience Spanish outside the classroom. Here are some examples (or ask if you have another project in mind):

  • Attend a Spanish-language church service
  • Watch a TV program or movie in Spanish (get your parents’ approval & signature) Here’s a delightful Spanish-language video (one of a number of episodes):
  • Cook a Spanish/Hispanic dish or make a craft
  • Visit a Hispanic art exhibition/ musical performance
  • Profile a famous Hispanic, or a Hispanic sports team, or country
  • Share a hobby of yours (such as photography, drawing, etc.)


Scripture Memorization:                    5%

Cultural Projects:                                5%

Homework:                                        20%

Quizzes:                                              25%

Tests:                                                  45%