Spanish for 7th & 8th grades

The purpose of this class is to prepare you for the Spanish 1 class, which you will take when you are in 9th grade.  Most students will have studied a little Spanish—perhaps a year or two ago—so this course will help you remember what you’ve learned, and move you a little further along toward knowing how to communicate in Spanish!

Class Requirements:

Bring a notebook or file folder to class in which to keep handouts and your own blank lined paper on which to do assignments.

Flashcards:  Use 3×5 index cards to help you memorize new vocabulary and verbs. On one side write in Spanish and on the other side, write the meaning in English.  I suggest using one color for nouns, and another color for verbs. Study these a minimum of one time each day, whenever you have a few free minutes, such as when riding in the car, before you fall asleep at night, or every morning with breakfast!

Homework: I will check your flashcards on occasion, so please keep making cards with the new vocabulary you are given, and bring them to class every week. I’ll provide you with a list of vocabulary words/phrases you will be expected to know.

Quizzes, “Pruebas:” We will have approximately 2-3 quizzes per quarter based on the vocabulary and phrases we’ve covered in class.


Class Participation:                           50%

Homework/Flashcards:                 20%

Quizzes:                                              30%